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Plenty of changes in the leaderboard on Day 2

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Photo: Lucinda Askin on Portofino in action today (photo credit: Jane Thompson)


There were plenty of changes in the championship leaderboards on the second day of the four-day Tavendale & Partners’ National Show Jumping and Show Hunter championship in Christchurch.


Jumping between 1.40-1.50m in the Wilcox Perlas Potatoes Grand Prix, Lucinda Askin riding Portofino triumphed in the two-round class. “I was really happy with how today went,” Lucinda said after her rounds. “I was sitting in third place coming into today and he just jumped awesome. He wasn’t wanting to touch a thing so I was really happy. We had one time-fault, I didn’t think I would get one but it was just the way it went. He has a day off tomorrow so will get a nice freshen-up so he should be feeling good for the final on Sunday.”


As a result of her win today, Luci now heads into the final two rounds on Sunday in the pole position. Yesterday’s leader after the speed round, Sophie Scott on Lakota, had a rail down in each round today so had to settle for third place.  Tegan Fitzsimon and Windermere Cappuccino had an unlucky rail at the Zealandia jump in the last of today’s rounds, but otherwise looked superb so Tegan will be applying plenty of pressure to her friend Luci on Sunday.  It will be a hot contest between the two to take out the National Championship but you can’t discount Sophie yet or Rose Alfeld and My Super Nova, who finished fourth today.


Meg Bisset was really happy with her rounds today on Freestyle Twyst & Shout in the Rangiora Vet Centre Pony Grand Prix – she ended up in the winner’s circle.  “The course was a bit tougher, and I was definitely a bit nervous,” she said. “But he really stepped up today, it wasn’t the perfect round but I was glad to get him going again.”  As to the final two rounds on Sunday, Meg is thinking it will be tough.  “Everyone has been so consistent but I’m glad he went well today, so fingers crossed!”


As a result of today’s good performances, Meg is now in 5th place in the championship, heading into the final two rounds on Sunday. Leading the competition at this stage is Oamaru’s Emma Gillies on Benrose Playtime with her sister Samantha riding Junior Disco right behind her. Both girls did double clear rounds today.  Ella Rae-Wood on Tallyho Primrose (now in third place) and Cara Quinn, riding Ellen Vanin Untouchable (in fourth), both put in great performances in the first round today, but had minor faults in the second round. 


The horses in the June Cresswell NZ National 1.30 Horse Championship have been jumping well, and it was Kate Cavanagh’s turn to come out the winner of today’s competition on her lovely mare Wallflower. This has put her in third place in the championship standings going into Sunday’s final, with Katie Meredith’s Westgrove GNZ taking over the lead from Tegan Fitzsimon on Alacazam MH who are now in second. 


Kate thought her mare Wallflower was great today. “She jumped out of her skin. She likes to look at things, and she did have a good look at the last!”  Kate has been very patient with this talented mare. “She’s quite spooky and quite opinionated, but at the same time she is very brave and I don’t want to ruin that.  She had a splint at the start of the season and this is only her fourth show back.”  


Kate Beattie and Smartymarty came out on top today in the second and third rounds of the Hilton Press National 1.20m horse Championships. “He felt like he was jumping really well,” said Kate, who is from Outram in Otago. “I was really happy with how he went today. He has tomorrow off to chill out and then we have the final on Sunday.”  Smartymarty is an off-the-track thoroughbred who Kate has had “for a few years now.” The pair now sit in fourth place going into the final two rounds on Sunday. 


Leading the championship after the first three rounds is Christchurch’s Georgina Dormer, riding the very smart Casanova NZPH.  They put in two beautiful rounds today, to add to their second placing in the speed class yesterday.  “He was a very good boy. I have had him since he was four years old. He’s been pretty consistent and it is nice to be here and have some good results so far.”  Georgie sees this event as a good way of building up for events in the North Island she will shortly be travelling up to. “We have quite a few tours coming up, so they need to be able to back up and jump day to day and keep going, so it is important to have that practice.”


Tamara Silcock and TMS Vincenzo put in two beautiful clear rounds in the NRM National 1.10 horse Championship to win today’s class, and this put them in second place in the championship standings, just behind Kirk Magner on Summer Haze who retained their championship lead from yesterday. Tamara, who hails from Nelson, has had 11-year-old TMS Vincenzo for two seasons now, but the horse hadn’t done any competitions until reaching Tamara’s place. “He is my most consistent horse now,” said Tamara. “He jumped awesome today.” 


In the Show Hunter ring, Georgia Allison on Hokey Pokey had a good win in the NRM Open Horse High Points National series.  

Standings after 3 rounds in the Show Jumping Championship classes: 


Wilcox Perlas Potatoes NZ National Grand Prix Horse Championship

Rank, Horse/Pony, Rider, Time, Rounds A, B, C, A+B+C

1, Portofino , Lucinda Askin, 75.17, 1.39, 1, 0, 2.39

2, Windermere Cappuccino, Tegan Fitzsimon, 73.88, 0.74, 0, 4, 4.74

3, Lakota, Sophie Scott, 72.4, 0.00, 4, 4, 8.00

4, My Super Nova, Rose Alfeld, 79.26, 3.43, 8, 0, 11.43

5, Vali, Molly Buist-Brown, 79.97, 3.79, 10, 4, 17.79

6, Grandaire, Olivia Robertson, 78.94, 3.27, 8, 12, 23.27


Rangiora Vet Centre NZ National Open Pony Championship 

Rank, Horse/Pony, Rider, Time, Rounds A, B, C, A+B+C

1, Benrose Playtime, Emma Gillies, 68.75, 0.67, 0, 0, 0.67

2, Junior Disco, Samantha Gillies, 71.82, 2.21, 0, 0, 2.21

3, Tallyho Primrose, Ella Rae-Wood, 67.4, 0.00, 0, 8, 8.00

4, Ellen Vanin Untouchable, Cara Quinn, 76.28, 4.44, 0, 4, 8.44

5, Freestyle Twyst & Shout, Meg Bisset, 94.59, 13.60, 0, 0, 13.60

6, Te Ngaio Raggamuffin, Sophie Geddes, 79.54, 6.07, 4, 4, 14.07

7, MF Spot Me, Ella Wylie, 79.69, 6.15, 8, 0, 14.15

8, Wembleybrook Tiffany, Johanna Wylaars, 75.08, 3.84, 8, 4, 15.84

9, Glenarden Sky High, Molly Moffatt, 82.37, 7.49, 20, 17, 44.49


June Cresswell NZ National 1.30m Horse Championship

Rank, Horse/Pony, Rider, Time, Rounds A, B, C, A+B+C

1, Westgrove GNZ, Katie Meredith, 73.52, 0.57, 4, 0, 4.57

2, Alacazam MH, Tegan Fitzsimon, 72.38, 0.00, 1, 4, 5.00

3, Wallflower, Kate Cavanagh, 74.75, 1.19, 0, 4, 5.19

4, Silversmith, Amy McMullan, 75.74, 1.68, 8, 4, 13.68

5, Ngahiwi Double Cross, Katie Meredith, 76.2, 1.91, 4, 9, 14.91

6, Roxette ECPH, Kimberley Bird, 86.6, 7.11, 4, 4, 15.11

7, Glenbrooke Centarose , Sophie Scott, 89.52, 8.57, 5, 4, 17.57

8, Lumarzo, Tyler McKee, 84.87, 6.25, 13, 4, 23.25

9, Lacona Ammoe, Olivia Harkerss, 82.67, 5.15, 9, 12, 26.15

10, Flying Dutchman DHU, Lucinda Askin, 85.1, 6.36, 14, 9, 29.36


Hilton Press NZ National 1.20m Horse Championship

Rank, Horse/Pony, Rider, Time, Rounds A, B, C, A+B+C

1, Casanova NZPH, Georgina Dormer, 68.8, 0.42, 0, 0, 0.42

2, Kiwi Lansing, Larina Dolman, 70.41, 1.23, 0, 0, 1.23

3, Glenbrooke Rich as Roses, Sophie Scott, 77.08, 4.56, 0, 0, 4.56

4, Smartymarty, Kate Beattie, 77.14, 4.59, 0, 0, 4.59

5, Double J Cyclone, Lucinda Askin, 79.52, 5.78, 0, 0, 5.78

6, Tuxedo, Emma Power, 71.8, 1.92, 4, 0, 5.92

7, Whimsical WDS, Katie Hercock , 72.54, 2.29, 0, 4, 6.29

8, Ngahiwi Warrior, Peita Milne, 82.56, 7.30, 0, 4, 11.30

9, Capprera, Rose Alfeld, 83.68, 7.86, 4, 0, 11.86

10, Mojito GNZ, Emma Power, 67.96, 0.00, 0, 12, 12.00


NRM NZ National 1.10m Horse Championship after 3 rounds

1, Summer Haze, Kirk Magner

2, TMS Vincenzo , Tamara Silcock

3, Gosh Yam It GNZ, Emma Power

4, I.Q, Lucinda Askin

5, PL Queen of Hearts, Harriet Gardner

6, Leopoldo TSH, Ella Rae-Wood

7, Casino GNZ, Olivia Robertson

8, Mountain Eutopia , Molly Buist-Brown

9, Payback, Charlotte Knowler

10, Awatuna Moonlight Madam, Todd Magner


Round A Zealandia Horticulture NZ  National 1.10m Pony Championship

Place, Horse/Pony, Rider

1, Cocamo, Dan Harkerss

2, Code Spree, Hanna Lowe

3, Its A Gamble, Caitlin Moran

4, Burma Milly, Ella Wylie

5, Tallyho Zeus, Nadia Houston

6, Tuscan Treo, Madeline Haugh

7, Inspecta Gadget, Anae Shadbolt

8, Galaxy Knight Out, Cara Quinn

9, Harrison James, Chloe Martin

10, She's a Cracker, Jessica Hore


Round A Pub Charity NZ National 1.00m horse championship

  1. Emma Power, Ngahiwi Isabelle

  2. Harriet Gardner, Arctic Invader

  3. Johanna Wylaars, Wairoa Rowan

  4. Savannah. Bruce, Its Just George

  5. Jade Williams, Starlight Devine

  6. Katie Hercock, Kiwi Express

  7. Katie Gerrets, Domino NZPH

  8. Todd Magner, Awatuna Scarlett Rose

  9. Kayla Wilson, Rednalhgih Galaxy Fleur Dior

  10. Desley Haas, Attaboy


Glassey Contracting NZ National 1m Pony Championship after Round A

1, Larabelle, Johanna Wylaars

2, Moccochino, Emma Gillies

3, My Fancy Phoenix, Tinesha Benson

4, Bespoke , Sophie Scott

5, Craigney Park Harlequin, Alyssa Ward

6, FC Fine Lace, Kaitlyn Murray

7, Foxley Pocket Rocket, Caseylee Gubb

8, Tendulkar, Ella Wylie

9, Tui's Tennessee, Sophie Pickens

10, He's Sweet As, Samantha Gillies


Show Hunter 

Teams results after Friday's competition are: 

Canterbury Crusaders (G Allison , k Mullins, M Morris, R Bowden, O Adams, A Flett ) 43 points

Southern Pride ( J Williams, J Townsend, G Taylor, A Smith, C Findlay, P Collins) 37 points.

Otago (J McRae, Q Coutts, E Templeton,G Hore, R Kerr, G Roy) 28 points.

Canterbury Whams (E Barton , I Trolove, E Cammock, S Archer, T Jones, L Ellis) 20 points.

SCNO (A Douglass,P Slater, H Shaw, Z Slater, L McLellan, K Fox) 5 points

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