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The NZ National Jumping & Show Hunter Championship has been the pinnacle show jumping event in the South Island for the past 26 years.

It was initially established by Alan Hampton in 1996 with the purpose of providing a top South Island show jumping event at the time when the NZHS decided that the Horse of the Year show would no longer rotate between the North and South Islands. It was agreed at this time that Horse of the Year would be held in the North Island and NZ National Jumping Championships in the South Island.

Alan Hampton developed the show’s unique three day championship format based on the show jumping competition held at the World Equestrian Games and applied to ESNZ to have three national titles awarded at the show.
The national titles were to be the NZ Premier Championship, the NZ Grand Prix Championship and the NZ Pony Championship. 

Alan continued to run the show for a number of years to follow until a sub committee was established under the South Island Show Jumping Committee bringing together all seven South Island Areas to finance and run the event.


Awarded to the winner of the NZ Premier Championship (National Title)

This trophy is in remembrance of Mr Ben Rutherford who was known as “Mr South Island”, and was the president of the NZ Horse Society (ESNZ) from 1959 to 1962.

Mr Rutherford was also team manager of the first New Zealand Olympic Show Jumping team to Tokyo in 1964. 

The trophy had been previously presented to the winners of the NZ Areas teams competition but by 1995, with a decline of entries, the teams competition ceased to run. The wife of the late Ben Rutherford, Monica Rutherford asked Alan Hampton to request the reallocation of the Rutherford Cup and it was decided to be presented to the NZ National Premier Champion.

Previous Winners:

2022 Sophie Scott - Waitangi Skynet

2021 Kimberley Bird - Cera Cassina

2016 Katie Laurie - Dunstan Lucca

2015 Katie Laurie - Dunstan Breeze

2014 Katie McVean - Dunstan Kiwi Iron Mark

2013 Billy Raymont (AUS) - Stardom

2012 Daniel Meech - Argento

2011 Chris Harris - Zilco Te Peka Luciano

2010 Katie McVean - Dunstan Delphi

2009 Maurice Beatson - My Gollywog

2008 Maurice Beatson - My Gollywog

2007 Maurice Beatson - My Gollywog

2006 Simon Wilson - Vitapower Right Royal

2005 Merran Hain - Tregonning

2004 John Cottle - Telegraph

2003 Molly Savill - Richard The Third

2002 Molly Savill - Richard The Third

2001 Tracey Kovaks - Billion

2000 Kim Zander - Jetson

1999 John Cottle - Jeep Supermoth

1998 Sue Thompson - Anchorman

1997 John Cottle - Jeep Supermoth

1996 Harvey Wilson - Wishful Thinking

1995 Daniel Meech - Remington Auto


Awarded to the winner of the NZ Grand Prix Championship (National Title)

This trophy was gifted in remembrance of the South Island woman who was the first female president of the NZ Horse Society (ESNZ) holding the position from 1975 to 1978. Mrs Dalley was also the first female NZ selector, president of the South Island branch of the NZHS, a course designer, as well as a very successful competitor who represented the South Island in the teams competition on numerous occasions.

Previous Winners:

2022 Campari - Tegan Fitzsimon

2021 Oliver Croucher - Waitangi Surf

2020 Tegan Fitzsimon - Windermere Cappuccino

2019 Tegan Fitzsimon - Windermere Cappuccino

2018 Nicole White - LC Samson

2017 Rose Alfeld - My Super Nova

2016 Katie Laurie - Luego GNZ

2015 Katie Laurie - Dunstan Springfield

2014 Katie McVean - Dunstan Breeze

2013 Jamie Kermond (AUS) - Yandoo Laughtons Legacy

2012 Daniel Meech Winston - Darco V

2011 Danielle Maurer - Blue Rinse

2010 John Cottle - Astek Incahoots

2009 Tess Williams - Walnut Brown

2008 Caroline Parkes - Bush Magic

2007 Maurice Beatson - Kiwi Relic

2006 Lisa Coupe - Kiwi Cash

2005 Lisa Coupe - Damarusa

2004 Katie McVean - Wild South

2003 David Hutton - Meninga

2002 Molly Savill - Kiwi Brave

2001 David Hutton - Meninga

2000 Marcus Wild - Telegraph

1999 Miranda Harrington - Blondini

1998 Molly Savill - Kiwi Brave

1997 Jeff McVean - Dunstan Flower Power

1996 Samantha McIntosh - Mrs King

1995 Harvey Wilson - Imperial (Mrs A Wilson)


Awarded to the winner of the NZ Pony Championship (National Title)

Alan Hampton has donated this trophy to the winner of the New Zealand Pony Championship and it will be presented for the first time at the NZ National Jumping Championship 2022.

Previous Winners:

2022 Johanna Wylaars - Wemblleybrook Tiffany

2021 Benrose Eclipse - Emma Gillies
2020 Benrose Playtime - Emma Gillies
2019 Benrose Silver Shadow - Sophie Geddes
2018 Junior Disco - Rosa Busit-Brown
2017 Benrose Playtime - Sophie Scott
2016 Tony the Pony - Ally Carson
2015 Miss Mae West - Molly Buist-Brown
2014 Tallyho Mystic - Lucy Turner
2013 Moonlight Glow| - Steffi Whittaker
2012 Mr Black Magic - Olivia Robertson
2011 Kickin the Clouds - Logan Massie
2010 Showtym Viking - Amanda Wilson
2009 Repias Super Blonde - Brittany Whelan
2008 Sweet Addition - Rachael Bentall
2007 Wilful - Matthew Dickey
2006 Millbrook - Andrea Crothers
2005 Scrub Fire - Lucy Olphert
2004 Glenwood Springfair - Lucy Olphert
2003 Repias Super Blonde - Claudia Hay
2002 Dunstan Wild Thing - Katie McVean
2001 Skylight - Katie McVean
2000 Skylight - Katie McVean


Awarded to the winner of the NZ National Horse 1.30m Championship

Cantabrian June Cresswell was a passionate horsewoman who enjoyed much success in both show jumping and eventing winning numerous titles and trophies across New Zealand during the late 1960s and 1970s with a succession of homebred horses. Perhaps her greatest achievement was jointly winning the Pilmer Plate for the pussiance at the Horse of the Year show in Dunedin in 1977 aboard Freddy with Ken Kelso aboard Tom Jones.

In her later years, June was a generous sponsor of the sport getting financially behind the NZ National Jumping Championship and the Canterbury A&P Show.

In 2012, June Cresswell left a significant bequeath to ESNZ (Canterbury Area) with the request that half being used for covered yard block at the NEC Christchurch and the remaining amount to be invested (The Cresswell Fund) with the interest used for prize money for the highest class at the National Championship.

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