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Jane Thompson from Pegasus Communications is our media and photography co-ordinator for the 2020 event. 

If you would like more information or media releases about the show, please email jane.thompson@actrix.co.nz 

 We asked that those with cameras (including cameras on phones) limit themselves to only photographing the rider they come with/are supporting. Only accredited official photographers are able to sell their photos taken at the show. We also ask other photographers not to load photos on Facebook pages offering them to competitors for free or a donation.

We invite all photographers to apply for accreditation to become Official Photographers at our event in 16-19 January 2020. 

We will be limiting the number of official photographers and operating a roster system in order to give all competitors the opportunity to have a great image of their special moments in all arenas. 

Preference will be given to those photographers who can cover all four days of the show and to those photographers with a professional website / outlet for selling photos rather than through Facebook. If you are supplying a recognised magazine / website with images, we can work outside the roster to ensure you supply the images needed.


Can you please send your expression of interest to our Media Manager, Jane.thompson@actrix.co.nz, identifying what days you are available, and whether you have any commissions to recognised media outlets/websites. Applications will close at the end of the month.

By applying for accreditation to the event, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions

Photographers :
• You must obey the rules of the Media Manager, and/or Committee, Judges and Ground Jury (especially when it comes to safety)
• In order to provide all competitors with the opportunity for them to buy an image of them competing at the event, unless you have advised you are supplying a recognised media outlet with images of the main events, then we will operate a roster situation where you are assigned to an arena for half a day. If your arena finishes early, then you may come to another arena. The goal is to have every arena covered for the show and not to have many photographers in the main arena and none in arena 3. Once the roster is agreed, this will be advertised to make it easier for riders to find the photos of them. Photographers assigned to an arena are also asked to cover the prize giving where possible. 
• If you are going to shoot from within the arena (limit of two photographers per arena at any one time), you must wear a high viz vest at all times and be well /appropriately dressed. Please ensure you shoot from a safe and non-distracting place at all times. 
• You are required to supply ten quality photos in a timely manner to the organisers (high resolution, no logo or small logo). Ideally you will submit a shot for cosideration for next year’s programme cover and other promotional material. The media manager will contact you for other specific requests. 
• You will have access to areas to be able to get unique images (ie presentation area, inside the jumping arenas). We will endeavour to make these areas exclusive. 


In return, we will:
• advertise the official photographers as much as possible including in the programme
• provide you with a programme / entry list
• you are welcome to come into the catering area for tea/coffee/water
• Allow you to place an advertisement / contact information in the office or other appropriate areas (ie noticeboard in the toilet area!)
• limit the number of official photographers at the event
- Do whatever is possible to ensure you have a successful event (and a bit of fun!)


Got any queries? Want more information? Email Jane at Jane.thompson@actrix.co.nz


Please support the official photographers and do yourself a favour by having a great photo to remember the event by.

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16-19 January 2020