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NZ National Show Hunter Championships 2019






























Ashburton’s Anna Redmond won the Lone Goat Vineyard National Open Show Hunter Championship on 12-year-old Vera Mera VA, making it her second national title as the pair won in 2017. “She is so happy in the show hunter ring so we will continue to go out and have fun,” said Anna. “She is just a gorgeous horse to have around. She’s quirky, but I just love her. She is very good at bucking, and while she hasn’t got me off, I have put a few friends on and she has sent them flying!”


Melanie Morris and her delightful Kosciuszko, won the National Amateur Championship. “He’s a special horse, he is a family horse,” she said. “My father bought him as a three year old and he is nine now. We did sell him but bought him back again. My nephew hunts him in the winter with Brackenfield Hunt, my father does mustering and trekking on him and I do the competitions!”


Indiana Williams, from Clyde in Central Otago, won the National Rising Star Championship on Zactac Margo (by Eurosport Centavos).  “I’ve only been riding this horse for one season, she is only six,” she said. “Hopefully she will do more show hunter, the Canterbury Champs next weekend and then continue on next season winning titles and being cute!”


Sarah Hay, from McRaes Flat in Otago, won the National Junior Championship on Emma Barker’s horse Tikity Tok. Emma was the course builder for the show hunter. “This is my first ever national title,” she said. “I have been riding the horse since about April, and I am keeping the ride for a while!”

Another first time national title winner was Ellie Templeton from Middlemarch, Central Otago on her pony Benrose Comet. The pair won the Category A Pony title. Comet was Sophie Scott’s first ponies, and both he and Benrose Obbi are leased to Ellie by the Scotts. “”It is good to see other kids enjoying them,” said Tania Scott.

Molly Smith, from Cave, near Timaru won the Category B title on Bexley Lodge Tinkabella, a pony she has been competing on for two season.



























Twin Blues Romance and Pippa Collins won the National Category C title. “It feels amazing to win, I’ve just come back into the show hunter ring since I left after 2014,” said Pippa who hails from Palmerston, North Otago. I actually bought this pony last Saturday so it has been a quick turnaround for us!” The lovely buckskin pony has quite the back-story. She was a rescue pony who found a great home with Liz Campbell in 2015. With a lot of love, care and time, she went from a skinny, poor-looking pony to the star she is today.


















Results –


Gyro Plastics Junior High Points (in conjunction with Brough Equestrian 1.00m (Q) HOYQ

1st Cappuccino NZPH – Grace Flett

2nd Hokey Pokey – Georgia Allison                                         

3rd Silver Sonic – Abriele Morse  

4th Paintball – Georgia Allison     

5th RH Renamour – Victoria Brown


The Ultimate Egg Co Amateur High in conjunction with Morrison’s Saddlery 1.0m (Q) HOYQ

1st My Countess – Emily Barton

2nd Kosciuszko – Melanie Morris

3rd RV Miami – Kirstin Beaven

4th Ferdinand – Anna Muir

5th PL Classic Z – Hayley Shaw


ESNZ Junior Rider Equitation Series in conjunction with Brough Equestrian 1m

1st Paintball – Georgia Allison

2nd Zactac Margo – Indiana Williams

3rd Oakleys Dunit – Annalise Graham

4th Tikity Tok – Sarah Hay

5th Silver Sonic – Abriele Morse


ESNZ Adult Rider Equitation Series in conjunction with Brough Equestrian 1m

1st Shaw Lee – Emily Cammock

2nd Eye Candy – Katie Meredith

3rd RV Miami – Kirstin Beaven

4th Merano – Anna Douglass

5th La dama Vegas – Tracy McIlraith


NRM Open Horse High Points in conjunction with Lone Goat Vineyard 1.10-1.15m (Q) HoYQ

1st Cappuccino NZPH – Steffi Whittaker

2nd Shaw Lee – Emily Cammock

3rd Carolina – Zoe Shore

4th Vera Mera VA – Anna Redmond

5th PL Classic Z – Hayley Shaw


CANTERBURY SADDLERY  Rising Star Under Saddle Championship

1st PL Queen of Hearts – Hayley Shaw

2nd Carolina – Zoe Shore

3rd ZinZan CSNZ – Kelly Tyson

4th SS Regnen – Anna Douglass

5th Ngahiwi Makem – Holly Macdonald


Loan Goat Vineyard Handy Hunter Horse Championship 1m HoYQ

1st PL Classic Z – Hayley Shaw

2nd Eye Candy – Katie Meredith

3rd Oakleys Dunit – Annalise Graham

4th Good Luck Charlie – Abbey Baker

5th Shaw Lee – Emily Cammock


CANTERBURY SADDLERY  NZ National Rising Star Championship HoYQ

1st  Zactac Margo – Indiana Williams

2nd Carolina – Zoe Shore

3rd Ferdinand – Anna Muir

4th Eye Candy – Katie

5th Oakleys Dunit – Annalise Graham


BROUGH EQUESTRIAN  NZ National Title Junior Championship 1m

1st Tikity Tok – Sarah Hay           

2nd Paintball – Georgia Allison

3rd Silver Sonic – Abriele Morse  

4th Good Luck Charlie – Abbey Baker                                     

5th Hokey Pokey – Georgia Allison


MORRISON’S SADDLERY  NZ National Title Amateur Championship 1m HoYQ

1st Kosciuszko – Melanie Morris  

2nd My Countess – Emily Barton

3rd PL Classic Z – Hayley Shaw

4th PL Queen of Hearts – Hayley Shaw                                               

5th Bulwer Bay – Sarah Swarbrick


LONE GOAT VINEYARD  NZ National Title Open Championship 1.15m HoYQ

1st Vera Mera VA – Anna Redmond

2nd Shaw Lee – Emily Cammock

3rd Carolina – Zoe Shore

4th Eye Candy – Katie Meredith


Burger King Category B High Points

1st Bexley Lodge Tinkabella – Molly Smith

2nd Tallyho Neptune – Jessica Townsend

3rd Windrush Digby – Bridget Peter

4th My Boy Billy – Katie Parris

5th Crossiebeg Carra – Amy Ingram


ESNZ Pony Rider Equitation Series

1st Thats That – Laura Inglis

2nd Hez Sweet As – Samantha Gillies

3rd Chico – Ruby Thomas

4th A Silver Lining – India Trolove

5th Tallyho Neptune – Jessica Townsend


Aniwell Category C High Points 90cm HOYQ

1st Moccochino – Emma Gillies

2nd Chico – Ruby Thomas

3rd Thats That – Laura Inglis

4th Kolour Me – Maia Colenso                                                

5th Twin Blues Romance – Pippa Collins


Christchurch City Council Handy Hunter Championship Cat A 70cm HoYQ

1st Pinewood Rock n Roll – Emma Gillies

2nd Ataahua Rapture – Sam Moffatt

3rd Westfalia Dominga – Emily van Herpt

4th Booraboora Bobby – Abbie Doncliff


Christchurch City Council Handy Hunter Championship Cat B 80cm HoYQ

1st Tallyho Neptune – Jessica Townsend

2nd Bexley Lodge  – Molly Smith

3rd Windward Pearl – Mark Weir


Christchurch City Council Handy Hunter Championship HoYQ Cat C 90cm

1st Moccochino – Emma Gillies

2nd Kolour Me – Maia Colenso

3rd Chico – Ruby Thomas

4th Twin Blues Romance – Pippa Collins

5th Thats That – Laura Inglis


Christchurch City Council NZ National Championship Cat A 60cm HoYQ open to ponies

1st Pinewood Rock n Roll – Emma Gillies

2nd Ataahua Rapture – Sam Moffatt

3rd Westfalia Dominga – Emily van Herpt


Christchurch City Council NZ National Category A Pony Title 70cm HoYQ

1st Benrose Comet – Ellie Templeton

2nd Ataahua Rapture – Sam Moffatt

3rd Pinewood Rock n Roll – Emma Gillies

4th – Westfalia Dominga – Emily van Herpt

5th Booraboora Bobby – Abbie Doncliff


Christchurch City Council NZ National Pony Rising Star Championship Cat C 80cm

1st Twin Blues Romance – Pippa Collins

2nd Kolour Me – Maia Colenso

3rd Thats That – Laura Inglis

4th Sweyn’s-Ey – Mackenzie

5th Cookie Monster – Lauren Harmon


Christchurch City Council NZ National Category C Pony Title (with call back) HoYQ 90cm

1st Twin Blues Romance – Pippa Collins

2nd Moccochino – Emma Gillies


National Teams Challenge Sponsored By McMillan Equine and Westfield Stud

1st South Canterbury North Otago Area

2nd Canterbury/Nelson Combined Team

3rd Otago Area

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